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Why Light Matters
courtesy, Colleen Huber, N.D.
Those of us who live in the northern hemisphere experience shorter days and longer nights throughout the fall and winter months. This article reminds us of health enhancing aspects of sunlight and indoor full-spectrum lighting.

Drink Your Water in Glass, Not Plastic
courtesy, Colleen Huber, N.D.
Eight glasses is the recommended daily intake of pure water. In the heat of summer we may need even more. Before you reach for your favourite brand of bottled water, consider what the container is made of. If it is plastic (as most brands are) you may be ingesting chemicals that are putting your health at risk.

Milk Thistle - The Liver Cleanser
courtesy, Colleen Huber, N.D.
The liver is our number one defense against pollutants and needs the support of whole healthy food and avoidance of toxicity. Milk thistle helps the liver to function better and to clean itself. Milk thistle does this job better than any known substance, whether pharmaceutical or herb.

Herbs to Enhance your Love Life
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
No magic elixirs! This article describes common herbs that support the body so it can work in harmony with the sexual desire that already exists within us.

Turkey Dos and Don'ts
by Lynn Russell
Whether you're hosting a formal holiday meal for the first time or you're a vegetarian catering to omnivorous guests, these guidelines will help ensure safe, delicious preparation of your turkey.

A Traditional Vegan Thanksgiving
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
The Thanksgiving holiday is a celebration of harvest, bounty, security for the coming winter and the solidarity of the family and of the community. Delicious vegan dishes can complement a traditional meal or can stand alone as a repast fit for kings. In this article you will find a complete vegan Thanksgiving menu including an appetizer, soup, salad, vegetable side dishes, a tempeh-based main course, vegan pumpkin pie and mulled apple cider.

Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
This article will help families improve the nutritional value of their children's school lunches. Included are tips to make lunches appealing, healthy lunch box recipes and resources for nutritious vegetarian foods and snacks. Non-vegetarians will find much of this information useful as well.

Natural Summer First Aid Kit
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
This list of common aliments and homeopathic remedies can help you survive the summer heat, insects and injuries. Includes recipes for making your own sunburn spray and insect repellant

Grains and Beans Salads: Complete Meals Good for at Home or on the Move
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
Salads made with grains and beans offer a wide variety of flavours and textures and better yet, they provide a complete protein complement. This article describes the various ingredients and methods that go into making a great salad. Included are four fabulous recipes to help you get started.

Acai: Nature's energy fruit from the Amazon rainforest
by Robin Russell
Acai is a super-nutritious, energizing fruit that tastes like a vibrant blend of berries and chocolate. You'll want to try the delicious smoothie recipes in this article. Included are some great photos of acai, courtesy of Sambazon.

An Earth Day Resolution
by Robin Russell
We all make New Year's resolutions. . . how about an Earth Day resolution? This April 22 think about your bathroom tissue as once being a magnificent tree. A conscious change in your buying habits can help keep old-growth Boreal forests from being flushed down the toilet.

Stevia Equivalents
by Colleen Hulett
This page provides cooking/measuring tips and some background information on Nature's sugar-free sweetener.

Gluten Reference Chart
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
This handy reference chart lets you see at a glance what foods typically contain gluten. (not intended as a replacement for reading ingredients lists when grocery shopping).

Millet Fact Sheet
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
An interesting fact sheet on this delicately flavoured gluten-free grain.

Allergies: Forced Detoxification?
courtesy, Rainbow Natural Foods
Wholistic practitioners see allergies as the sum effect of past abuse to the digestive system due to a poor diet, use of drugs, an unhealthy lifestyle or prolonged emotional stress - which over time have overwhelmed the body's protective mechanisms.

Wheat-Free Kids
by Suzy Spring
A personal yet informative look at wheat allergies and intolerances in children.

Traditional Food is Still the Best Medicine
(dealing with sickle cell anemia)

by Maureen Henry
A mother's story tells how the right foods and herbs have allowed her son to thrive without the need for rigorous drug therapy.

Adventures In Vita-Mixing
by Robin Russell
Review of this powerful versatile kitchen appliance (with recipes).

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