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Fall, 1999

101 Uses for Hemp
by Robin Russell with Jeff Dudgeon

Given the versatility of hemp as indicated in Kelly Smith's article "Hemp Seed: Functional Food for the Future", it is a shame that we have been deprived of this wonderful crop for so long.  Now that the ban is off we can reap the nutritional and environmental benefits.

Kelly Smith's article stated that hemp can be used in 25,0000 products.  While we can't list every single product here, we WILL list 101 uses for hemp (seed and stalk), in the following categories:  Food, Healing, Toiletries, Textile, Household and Industrial.

Books by Chris Conrad

Hemp for Health : The Medicinal and Nutritional Uses of Cannabis Sativa

Hemp, Cannabis sativa, is one of the world's oldest sources of food and medicine, with a history that dates back ten thousand years. It relieves glaucoma, epilepsy, migraines, insomnia, asthma, the nausea associated with AIDS and chemotherapy, and a host of other maladies. This book reveals the the developments that have returned this ancient plant to the forefront of health and nutrition. 25 photos.

Hemp: Lifeline to the Future, The Unexpected Answer for Our Environmental & Economic Recovery
Reviewed by Jeff Dudgeon

Chris Conrad's book Hemp, Lifeline to the Future tells the honest and promising tale of hemp down through the ages. This is not the first comeback for hemp. The book also hints at some of the uses we could be enjoying now and in the future of this wonderfully diverse product.


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Products and Information

Hemp Union
Hemptech:  The Industrial Hemp Network
Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp
Ecolution Cyber Hemp


Canada: Hemp Is Harmless, Angry Growers Say
Industrial Hemp Production and US Marijuana Prohibition
The Hemp Conspiracy

A Case for Tree Free Paper

Hemp grows like a weed (hence the slang term for marijuana, its distant cousin).  The following cartoon illustrates perfectly why we should be making paper from a plant that grows so rapidly.

The Glorious Life of a Tree

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