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As of Winter 2000, we have been coding each recipe according to its suitability for people on specific diets. This page also includes a measurements key. The codes are as follows:

VG Vegetarian (lacto-ovo)
VE Vegetarian (no meat, dairy or eggs; recipes contain honey or other bee products)
VN Vegan (no animal products; Vegans may wish to check out VE recipes as most can be easily adapted to a Vegan diet. )
DF Dairy-Free (no milk-based products in recipe)
EF Egg-Free
RF Raw Food recipe
WF Wheat-Free (may include gluten containing grains such as spelt or kamut)
GF Gluten-Free (no gluten-containing grains in the recipe)
SF Soy-Free (no soy-based products in recipe)
NS No Sugar Added (no refined sugar, honey, syrup, molasses, etc-- product is sweetened by fruit, fruit juice or stevia). This code is used only for recipes where sugar would normally be added. Note: This code was formerly SuF - some recipes may still be using the old code.
RS Reduced Sugar. Recipe is sweetened with a combination of sugar (or related product such as honey, syrup, molasses, etc) and a sugar-free sweetener such as stevia.

Important Notes:

If the definition of one code includes that of another code, then only the first code is used. For example, all gluten-free grains are wheat-free. Therefore, any recipe coded GF (gluten-free) will not have the WF (wheat-free) code. Likewise, a vegan diet is free of all animal products, so any recipe coded VN will not include the DF (dairy-free) or EF (egg-free) codes.

If two alternate ingredients are listed, then generally, both ingredient codes are used. For example, if a recipe calls for "milk or soy milk" it will be coded DF (dairy-free) and SF (soy-free).

If a recipe calls for a packaged product, we do not account for all the potential package ingredients. We assume that you will check the ingredients on the label. For example, a recipe that calls for "prepared mustard" or "onion soup base" may be coded SF (soy-free) but it will be up to you to make sure there are no hidden soy ingredients in the product you buy.

Measurements Key

bn bunch oz ounce
c cup pc piece
ds dash pk package
ea each pkg package
gr gram pn pinch
kg kilogram pt pint
lb pound sm small
lg large tb tablespoon
L litre tbs tablespoon
md medium ts teaspoon
med medium tsp teaspoon
ml millilitre qt quart

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