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Here, holistic nutritionist Ricardo van Sertima will be reviewing films, TV shows and documentaries about nutritional health issues. Ricardo is uniquely qualified to write for this page; not only is he a nutritionist, he also has a degree in theatre from the University of Ottawa.

Last modified: January 10, 2009

Supersize vs Superskinny

With a massive 27 and a half stone difference between them, Andy and Amy take on the diet swapping challenge meal-for-meal.In this British televsion show two participants (one who morbidly obese and one who is seriously underweight) swap diets for one week.
Read Review.

The Truth About Vitamins

The Truth About VitaminsThis Horizon documentary discusses the effectiveness and safety of vitamin supplements. Read review.

You Are What You Eat Gillian McKeith is not happy when she sees all the junk foods in this participant's fridge.

In this half hour British television show, participants with unhealthy eating habits get a diet makeover from holistic nutritionist Gillian McKeith. Read review.

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