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Rosemary's Perfect Cream

This recipe was published in Herbs for Health magazine and is an excellent all-purpose skin cream created by revered herbalist Rosemary Gladstar.



2/3 cup distilled water--OR distilled rosewater or
-- orange flower water)
1/3 cup aloe vera gel
1 - 2 drops essential oil of choice
Vitamins A and E as desired


3/4 cup apricot, almond or grape seed oil
1/3 cup coconut oil or cocoa butter
1/4 tsp lanolin
1/2 - 1 oz grated beeswax


1. Combine distilled water, aloe vera gel, essential oil and vitamins in a glass measuring cup. (Tap water can be used but it will sometimes introduce bacteria and encourage the growth of mold.) Set aside.

2. In a double boiler over low heat, combine remaining ingredients. Heat just enough to melt.

3. Pour oils into a blender and let cool to room temperature. The mixture should become thick, creamy, semisolid and cream coloured. This cooling process can be hastened in the refrigerator, but keep an eye on it so it doesn't get too hard.

4. When cooled, turn blender on the highest speed. In a slow, thin drizzle pour the water mixture into the center vortex.

5. When most of the water mixture has been added to the oils, listen to the blender and watch the cream. When the blender coughs and chokes, and the cream looks thick and white like butter cream frosting, turn off the blender. You can slowly add more water, beating it in by hand with a spoon, but don't over beat!  The cream will thicken as it sets.

6. Pour into into cream or lotion jars. Store in a cool place.

The above is the basic recipe but you can get more detailed information about making this cream and ingredient properties in Rosemary's handy book "Herbs for Natural Beauty". This inexpensive book is a must have for anyone interested in making their own cosmetics.

Note: Do not use this or any other aloe-based product on staph or strep infections as aloe will promote the infection.

"I made this cream with my Vitamix, and it sure homogenized the product well! I used grape seed oil, coconut butter and the full amount of beeswax. Although Rosemary Gladstar claims this cream will work for all skin types I found the final product was too heavy as a face cream for my combination skin. However, it was wonderful on my feet, elbows and hands during the dry winter months. I highly recommend this cream to anyone with very dry skin. Using less beeswax might make the cream a little less heavy.

A little goes a long way with this cream so use sparingly, especially if you are using it on your face. It may feel oily at first but the oil will sink into your skin in a few minutes.

Since this recipe makes such a huge batch of cream I chose to store most of it in the refrigerator and only keep out a small jar at a time. The cream goes hard in the refrigerator but softens up when brought back to room temperature.

The clean-up took some time. To get the residual cream out of your blender or Vitamix, I recommend scraping it as clean as possible with a rubber spatula. Dry wipe it being cautious of the blades, then run it on high speed a few times with a solution of vinegar and water."

Robin Russell, Tester

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