Blood Type Burger Night

Having a burger presents unique challenges for all blood types. Types O and B can have the basic beef burger but not the basic bun. Type A can't have either. Type AB can have a basic bun but not the basic burger. The traditional side order of fries is out for Os, and As as well. This season we provide solutions to all your burger woes!


Make a basic beef burger with lean organic meat and serve on a spelt bun with a side salad. Dying for some fries with that? One of our recipe testers gave us his famous recipe for Sweet Potato Fries.

As type Os cannot have vinegars, season patties generously with whatever allowed herbs and spices you like. This way you won't have to rely on condiments for flavour. Top patties with tomatoes and lettuce.


Now is the time to experiment with veggie burgers! Make your own, or buy one at your local health food store or supermarket. If you're new to veggie burgers please note that there is quite a variety of flavours and textures among the recipes and store-bought versions one can try. If your first one is not to your liking don't despair! The next one might become a favourite! However, if for you a burger is not a burger unless it's made of meat then you may want to switch to chicken (buy organic where possible). Whatever burger you choose, serve on a spelt bun with a side salad and some BBQ veggies. For tips on grilling veggies see our Summer 1999 article: Summer Barbecuing Veggie Style.

With both vinegars and tomatoes being no-nos for your type, make burgers with lots of herbs and spices. Top with a flavourful blend of leafy greens, cucumbers and/or sprouts.


Like type O you can also have the basic beef burger. Again use lean, organic meat. You can have a bun made with white flour if you wish, but a spelt bun would be much more nutritious! Enjoy some potatoes with your burger such as seasoned baked fries.

Vinegars are OK for you so dress your burger with all the traditional fixings - just no ketchup or other tomato-based products! Top with leafy greens and sprouts.


With the widest selection of foods you have no problem with burger night except you'll have to have a lamb or turkey burger if you want meat. A veggie burger suits you fine too! Serve on a whole wheat bun with a side salad and some baked fries.

Apple cider vinegar is neutral but all other vinegars are on your avoid list. Look in your local health food store for condiments made with apple cider vinegar. Use sparingly, and emphasize fresh tomatoes and greens. Seasoning your burger will decrease your need for condiments to enhance flavour. Like type B you can enjoy a side of seasoned baked fries with your burger.

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