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Mocha Marble Pie Experiement

The latest happenings in my kitchen involved an adaptation of the Mocha Marble Pie featured on the vegetarian and dessert pages. I first made it exactly as written and it was really good. I wanted to see if I could make it free of gluten, sugar and chocolate. Some of my changes were successful while others weren't.

In the creamy filling I replaced the honey with Stevia extract powder according to the recommendations in Colleen's Stevia Equivalents page. I should have taste-tested it before baking as I found it was not sweet enough for my liking and the overall flavour was much blander than the original recipe. Although this problem could be remedied by slightly increasing the amount of Stevia and adding more vanilla or other flavouring, my recommendation for those looking to cut down on sugar would be to use half the honey called for in the recipe and replace the other half with an appropriate amount of Stevia.

My gluten-free crust turned out great! I ground up corn flakes in place of the graham crackers and added two teaspoons of tahini. The tahini really helped the crust stick together better than the original recipe.

Instead of a chocolate glaze I tried carob. This experiment did not turn out as expected. My carob chips did not melt very well. I went back to chocolate and used about 6 drops of liquid Stevia extract. Without the honey the glaze needed a liquid added, so I used a little grape seed oil. The glaze was not as sweet as I would have liked. Next time I will use more Stevia or just make it according to the original recipe which only calls for a small amount of honey. Alternatively one could do as I suggested with the creamy filling and use half honey and half an appropriate amount of Stevia.

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